Chef's selection sharing menu  88 per person


Black fungi and aged black vinegar   8

Smoked eel, foie gras, candied kombu and pink peppercorn   4

Steamed soy custard, Yarra Valley ocean trout roe, Hunan hot and sour sauce  6

Warm Hervey Bay scallop, organic silken tofu, soy butter   10

Chong Qing style chicken crackling     10

Xin Jiang spiced lamb ribs, cumin caramel  15

                            Chinese potato salad, enoki mushrooms, dill and garlic dressing  19                           

‘Typhoon Shelter’ style – chilli salt and pepper two textures of tofu  18

White cut chicken, cucumber, fennel, black vinegar, fragrant chilli oil and peanuts   20

Spicy Wagyu beef  tartare, flavours of ‘ma po tofu’, rice crackers and spring onion  24

Crispy eggplant, spiced red vinegar   20

Wok fried Goolwa pippies, house made XO sauce and Chinese fried donuts  26

Porcini braised Chinese mushrooms, gai lan leaves and jerusalem artichokes   22

No.42 at Wong Shing Kee - Wok fried eggs, king prawns, house made XO sauce   26

Charcoal grilled Wagyu, Hunan style kale and edamame, baby cos   36

Steamed Cone Bay barramundi, ginger and spring onion sauce   38

Fujian style blue swimmer crab and scallop fried rice, house made XO sauce    42

Lee Ho Fook roast duck, star anise and cinnamon sauce  half  36/ whole  68

Salted baby cucumber, chilli and garlic dressing   7

Steamed Chinese broccoli, superior soy dressing, burnt garlic and ginger oil   8

Lee Ho Fook special fried rice w/ prawns and lup cheong 15

Steamed jasmine rice   5


Desserts // Sweets

  Jasmine tea infused custard, burnt caramel   6

Apples, rhubarb and ginger granita, rose   7

Pumpkin seed ice cream, pumpkin jam, kombu and cocoa   8

Tea-ramisu – matcha and chartreuse mousse, Vietnamese coffee soaked sponge and cocoa   18

Chocolate, cherry and miso mignardise   8


Lee Ho Fook ‘Affogato’ // Cognac
Designed to be enjoyed together in a uniquely aromatic and luxurious pairing –

house churned ice cream made with premium black truffles from Manjimup Western Australia,

dark roasted coffee jelly and your choice of cognac.


Western Australian black truffle ice cream, coffee jelly   16


Cognac selection //                                 15ml//30ml

Martell VS (40%)                                          6/12

Paul Giraud VSOP (40%)                                7/14

Normandin Mercier 15yo Fine Champagne (40%) 8/16

Tesseron ‘Lot 76’ X.O (40%)                          10/20

Hennessy X.O (40%)                                      17/34

1980 Grosperrin Grande Champagne (47.2%)     15/30



 [This menu is indicative of the season but is subject to change]

(Sunday incurs 10% surcharge)